Monday, 14 February 2011


I read a beauty report recently that claimed that dry shampoo sales have rocketed recently. I must admit that I am part of this statistic as I always have a bottle of Toni and Guy's Dry Shampoo in the house.

It's not something I use often, however it's a lifesaver (well maybe not a lifesaver, but definitely worth having) on those days when you just don't have time to wash your hair. It also adds fantastic volume.

I have extremely thick hair that takes about an hour to dry and style. As much as I've factored this into my daily routine, on some occasions I have had to resort to dry shampoo.  It really does make your hair look presentable and clean, although on the downside you can feel the product in your hair.

I think this is probably one of those products that people generally prefer not to talk about, but it's worked wonderfully for me and I felt obliged to share it. Especially now the festival season is quickly approaching!

If you've used this, or any other dry shampoo, please do leave your comments and how you found the product! I'd love to hear your views.


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  2. I went through a stage of using dry shampoo...have you used the 'Batiste' dry shampoo, its quite cheap but really effective and comes in lots of different ranges that smell really nice, now im trying not to buy it as I feel Im being a bit lazy, but I have also really thick hair and its a nightmare!

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